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Isaac Hubert plans to take a more active leadership role and become a mentor to the younger players for Creekview this season.

Isaac Hubert has been playing sports his whole life.

At Creekview, he plays football in the fall, basketball in the winter and lacrosse in the spring.

Now, going into the 2021 football season, Hubert set two goals for himself — to play well, and be a leader and a mentor to his younger teammates.

“(I want to) do good,” Hubert said. “I (also) want to motivate the younger kids to work hard. Especially the freshman, even though they probably won’t play that much this year, I want them to know that their time will eventually come and they need to work hard now so when their time does come they will be prepared.”

Currently, Hubert has an offer from Jacksonville State University. He has been heavily involved in the recruitment process, attending camps at Duke, Kennesaw State, Alabama and Clemson.

As the season goes on, the rising junior is expected to receive more offers.

Hubert has an impressive track record during his first two years with the Grizzlies. He was named a 2019 MaxPreps Freshman All-American, and finished the 2020 season with 58 tackles, 14 tackles for loss and eight sacks. Despite his early success, Hubert said he is willing to do whatever it takes to improve in 2021.

The 6-foot-2, 225-pound junior is a dual-threat, playing both defensive end and linebacker. He said he has different strengths at each position, and that he likes using his strengths to his advantage.

“If the team is passing, I like playing defensive end more because I get to rush the quarterback,” Hubert said. “But when the team is more of a run-heavy team I like playing linebacker because I like reading the play and going after the ball when they’re running. I don’t like dropping into coverage, so when the team is passing, I just want to rush the quarterback.

“I can read the plays well and read the lineman and know when to go inside if he off steps or steps too far out.”

While Hubert is talented on the defensive side of the ball, he said one thing he knows he can work on is his speed.

“I’m explosive (off the ball),” Hubert said. “But I feel like I could always get faster.”


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