James Miller oversees a drill at last year's spring practice. Miller will have one more week before National Signing Day to put together the final group that will be at this year's spring practice. Staff - Alex Resnak

Recruiting season will reach its pinnacle next week on National Signing day, when athletes all over the country make their college choices official.

That leaves just one more week for coaches to get their final recruiting classes together, and things are no different for the Reinhardt football program.

“It’s a lot of phone calls and recruiting trips,” coach James Miller said. “We have kids coming in on the weekends. It's just a lot of work, time and effort. We’re just trying to develop relationships with young men to make sure they’re the right fit for our program and university.”

The Eagles have signed classes of more than 50 players in each of the last three season, but this year could actually see them take a step back in class size.

Reinhardt already has more than 100 players on the roster for next season, and Miller said this year’s class will be focused more on quality than quantity.

“I don’t think it’ll be that big,” he said. “We have 101 guys on the roster and we only have to have 130. We’ll probably take 35-40 on signing day. It just depends on how it shakes out over the last week.”

Of that group, roughly half have already made their intentions clear.

Reinhardt enters the final week with 17 players already committed, and Miller and his staff have a well defined list of who might make up the other half.

“It’s exciting,” Miller said. “We’re just trying to work that number. We’re trying to get kids every day. We have a good idea of who we have left to get on board. I think it’s a good group. We know who we’re still targeting at this point.”

With such a large portion of the roster coming back, the Eagles do not have the immediate holes to fill that they did a season ago.

Miller said he can never have enough offensive and defensive lineman and defensive backs, so those positions will always be a priority. He is also looking to the future this season, as 20 players are set to begin their senior seasons.

“We graduate some of our better players after this season, so we’re trying to get ahead with that,” Miller said. “You don’t necessarily expect many of these kids to be ready to play right away, but if you see a guy we can’t pass up, we’re going to take him, no matter the position.”

One thing that will stay consistent this year is Reinhardt bringing in players from Georgia.

All but eight players on last year’s roster came from Georgia, and Miller said he has no intentions of changing that strategy any time soon.

“We try to hit every school we possibly can in the state,” he said. “We had 125 kids from the state of Georgia, and we want to keep that going. I firmly believe this is the best high school football state in the country. We’re going to do everything in our power to get the best kids possible out of Georgia.”

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