Sequoyah’s Jake Conrad, Alex Ramsey, Ethan Perreiah and Sequoyah’s Zach Conrad put their skills to the test against more than 500 other teams at Spokane, Washington’s Hoopfest last week.

A pair of basketball players from Woodstock traveled across the country to test their skills last week when they went to Spokane, Washington, to enter the nation’s largest 3-on-3 tournament at Hoopfest.

Sequoyah students Zach and Jacob Conrad joined their cousins for the tournament at the weekend, which featured 25,000 players and 225,000 spectators over 45 square city blocks and generated $47 million in revenue for the city.

“It was crazy,” Zach Conrad, a rising freshman said. “Everywhere you looked, there were basketball courts set up down the streets. They had a ton of different divisions and all the streets were shutdown. It was just huge.”

The tournament featured more than 500 teams, with each team guaranteed at least three games.

The Conrad’s team finished the weekend going 1-2, but after adapting to the differences between 3-on-3 basketball and the version they were more accustomed to, it became easier.

“You had to get used to it,” Zach Conrad said. “It was just really physical. You had to call your own fouls, and you don’t want to be the guy calling all the fouls. It was different. It was more aggressive, but you get used to it.”

In addition to the tournament, the weekend also featured 3-point, slam dunk and free throw competitions.

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