After tansferring from Army, former Cherokee product Bryson Perry is looking to make an impact in his junior season for Kennesaw State.

KENNESAW – Cherokee High School graduate, Bryson Perry, has had to overcome many obstacles on his path to becoming a Kennesaw State Owl.

After graduation, he attended camps and performed well. However, his 5’9 frame made it difficult to attract any attention.

“I was showing out, but it felt like people were getting offers based off of potential, rather than actual skill,” Perry said. “I would separate myself from other people from the camp, but I was being overlooked because of my size.”

He was eventually recruited to play quarterback at Army. He hadn’t played quarterback since he was a kid, and the rust showed as he lasted only a few practices at the position before several interceptions forced a change.

“I’m not trying to not play, so I asked if I could switch to running back,” Perry said. “Thankfully, they let me switch to running back, and I performed very well.”

He spent the summer and fall of 2016 at the Army prep school before fully enrolling at Army.

One of the biggest challenges he had to face as he transitioned into a military academy was the workload.

“The first day is basically like the first day of being in the military,” Perry said. “They’re screaming at you and basic training was three weeks of no football, no phone or electronics and no school.”

The one positive that came out of all of the training were the relationships he formed.

“It was just us and nothing else, so that’s how we got super close and bonded,” he said.

His time at Army left him with mixed feelings. He enjoyed his time there, but he also just wanted to play football.

The main reason he went to Army was for football. He started to miss his friends and family back home and grew tired of the physical training, football workouts and school load.

The biggest reason he decided to transfer from Army was the strict nature at the academy in regards to becoming an officer.

“In order to be an officer, you can’t have any medical problems,” Perry said. “You’re going to lead 25 soldiers, so if you’re not okay, then they’re not okay.”

So, Perry decided to transfer to Kennesaw State, where he appeared in 10 games last season and made eight tackles.

At first, his time at Kennesaw State was difficult because he didn’t know anyone and it was a drastic change from his time at Army. That changed over time, though, and he said he is enjoying his new home at Kennesaw State.

“I don’t regret transferring from Army,” Perry said. “I have my bros from Army and my bros from KSU, so I’m happy.”

Perry has moved back to cornerback again as he prepares for his junior season, and said he believes big things are on the horizon for the football team despite the losses from last season.

“We have a lot of young guys on the team,” Perry said.” We have a lot of big shoes to fill, but I think they can fill them.”

He started playing football when he was 6. He played quarterback when he was young but switched to running back when he entered middle school. His speed and size eventually led to a switch from offense to defense when he entered high school.

“I was never one of the biggest guys, but I was always one of the fastest,” Perry said. “I played quarterback for a little bit, but I ended up switching to defense because I wanted to be the hammer, not the nail.”

Perry had success throughout high school at cornerback, though he also spent some time at safety during his senior season.

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