Cherokee County has chosen to grant special privileges to one of the county’s wrecker contractors, Frank Ingram Wrecker Service. Mr. Ingram and his 18-year-old son were arrested for methamphetamine and marijuana possession, and then Mr. Ingram was arrested for possessing a stolen gun. I was encouraged when Chief Marshal Ron Hunton and Holly Springs both suspended Ingram Wrecker from their “call lists,” as to do otherwise would be reckless. Imagine my shock at learning both entities had waived the suspension and reinstated Ingram Wrecker on their call lists. Why?

Mr. Ingram was given a break by allowing him to turn himself in days later, instead of being arrested at the time law enforcement found methamphetamine in his vehicle. Did law enforcement mention the methamphetamine was found in his wrecker? Did they mention they allowed him to drive away from the scene? Any other commercial driver would have been arrested immediately and charged with possession, possibly DUI drugs, have their vehicle towed and their commercial driving privileges suspended. Ingram was charged only with drug possession and possessing a stolen gun.

I have nothing against Mr. Ingram personally, but ... to allow his company to continue on the rotation so long as he doesn’t drive is a slap in the face to the citizens of Cherokee County and other wrecker services on the rotation who aren’t using illegal drugs or have theft charges pending against them. We have no idea if the ... drivers working at Ingram use drugs ... since Cherokee County and Holly Springs are not even randomly testing them as part of the deal that puts them back on the rotation.

We can blame poorly written county ordinances, a county board who protects their own, commissioners who don’t want to make enemies, or officers just cutting someone a break on charges, but the result puts Cherokee County citizens at risk. Let your commissioners and their appointees to the Cherokee County Towing Board know that they failed to protect us by putting Ingram Towing back on the towing rotation list.

Channing Ruskell


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