Reading Paul Lampru letter reminded me of a few things about the Obama/Biden (O/B) administration that we should not forget.

I do recall the thousands of job lost during O/B that they claimed would never come back; many of those jobs are back during the Trump administration.

I do recall the “shovel ready” jobs claim by O/B that turned out to be not so “shovel ready” after all.

I do recall the hundreds of trips by O/B to foreign countries in what (some) called the U.S. apology tour where O/B apologized for our success.

I do recall O/B giving everything Iran wanted to them and getting nothing in return. Then Iran used their gains to fund more terrorism against us.

I do recall O/B strained relations with Israel who is our only true ally in the Middle East.

I do recall O/B and Clinton giving tons of uranium to the Russians and they got big money donated to their foundations by those same Russians

I do recall O/B promised to close Gitmo so why are we still there?

I do recall O/B promising if I liked my doctor I could keep my doctor and that I would save $2,500 dollars a year on health care. In reality in order to have insurance coverage I had to change my doctor three times and the $2,500 dollars was really a $2,500 dollar increase in insurance premiums in addition to the taxes I pay to supplement coverage of people using government health care exchanges that I can’t use.

I do recall O/B controversial choice of two attorney generals and their serious and uninvestigated scandals.

I do recall O/B causing race relations to sink to the lowest point since the ’60s.

I do recall O/B creating the largest increase in poverty putting a record number of people on food stamps while shrinking the middle class. So much for being the middle class champion. If this is how Democrats care for the middle class I might as well move into public housing now.

So much for Trump being the most corrupt president in the history of the country, however, he has been the most investigated president in the history of the country. It would be good to subject the O/B administration to the same microscope. What more scandals would we find out?

Raleigh Morgan


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