After watching the recent hearings in Congress these past two weeks by Rep. Schiff and his Democratic colleagues, anyone who wants to understand their motives need only compare the handling of the treatments of Ukrainian Ambassador Yovanovitch and Libyan Ambassador Stevens. The first has been criticized for her job performance, the second gave his life for his country. Even though an ambassador serves at the discretion of the current POTUS, we are told by Rep. Schiff the treatment and criticism of Ambassador Yovanovitch are reason enough to impeach a duly elected President (because I saw zero factual evidence for any federal crime or misdemeanors presented). What I heard was the personal opinions, assumptions, presumptions or deductions of numerous government employees. I’m sorry, but the their personal opinions do not have to be used by their boss, the current POTUS. The POTUS has the final say on foreign policy matters (check the roles and responsibilities for the executive branch of our government). I thought I lived in a country where you (as an individual) have freedoms and liberties, including having the freedom to express your own opinions without fear of reprisal or imprisonment and are “innocent” until proven guilty (not guilty by a difference of opinion on policy).

Yet the handling of Ambassador Stevens and the attack on the American Embassy in Benghazi in which Ambassador Stevens gave his life, versus the handling of Ambassador Yovanovitch and her dismissal from her role as Ukrainian Ambassador are like night and day, however unfortunate both may be. A reasonable and intelligent person, after comparing the treatment of both, must conclude one thing. The desire to regain power and keep and maintain control of the Washington D.C. political establishment has no boundary. It must be done at any and all costs necessary. My grandfather once told me that money was the root of all evil. I never really understood what he meant or what that meant until after I earned an education, became an adult, and started working with a sense of loyalty and dedication for an employer. A few years later, along came a new top executive whose business decision to improve the earnings potential of the company resulted in my job being eliminated (along with many others). I then learned first hand how the desire for money and power by a select elite few ruined so many people’s lives. History contains many examples of these powerful and greedy elites. Middle class America is what makes this country great. Middle class America is the backbone of this country, without it, we will be like Russia and China.

Bob Mallinak,


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