The Mueller Report and Mr. Mueller himself said the president is not innocent. but could not indict him because of Department of Justice policy. Barr lied when he said Mueller did not consider that. One thousand or so retired federal prosecutors and other prosecutors said the obstruction instances Mueller documented were absolutely legally indictable offenses. Barr lied when he said the president was cleared of obstruction of justice! Mueller said that since a sitting president cannot be legally indicted, the only way to hold a president accountable for high crimes is for the Congress to investigate and determine.

Republicans are obstructing the constitutional duty of Congress. Worst of all the U.S. attorney general contributes to this coverup. This is the corruption of the judicial system. This is the rotting of our constitutional system of government.

No president has committed or fostered more corruption of our Constitution than Trump. To fail to impeach Trump for crimes means a U.S. president is above the law. History will be written that the Republican Party (and Fox News) did a national and international disservice. Trump is destroying our Constitution.

Paul Lampru


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Well said!


The statement that Mueller made that he could not exonerate is a statement that proved he had no evidence to make refer a charge. Mueller did say there was no collusion, so how can there be a charge of obstruction if there was no collusion. Further, the investigation went on for 2 years with Mueller in place, it was not stopped, and many witnesses interviewed, all on Mueller's team were partisans who favored Hillary, the real obstructor who deleted 33,000 emails, destroyed hard drives and phones and her campaign paid for the phony Dossier that started the investigation. The truth is coming out and be honest enough to accept it when it does.

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