Think wildfires like the ones in California can’t happen here? They can. We had wildfires in Georgia in 2016 that fortunately were brought under control, but make no mistake: they will happen here again. Wildfires spread in drought-stricken areas, and all of Cobb County is in moderate drought. It’s more severe in most of nearby Cherokee County.

The increasing intensity of California’s wildfire season is a clear warning sign. It’s now a longer season with more large fires that burn larger areas of land. Climate change fuels weather patterns that exacerbate the problem.

State governments are key in leading their municipalities in efforts to deal with the growing threat of climate change. Governors from 15 states have now adapted climate adaptation and resilience plans to deal with wildfires, flooding, and more climate-driven threats. Five more governors are currently developing them. They are enacting policies that mandate or incentivize climate resilience in homes and businesses across their states in order to keep their citizens safe.

Our governor should do the same, not only to join the modern world, but for our very safety. Please contact the governor’s office and implore him to lead on this critical issue.

Bill Shaouy


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