In Mr. Tom Clearman’s recent letter, he said I was “...dishonest about Democrats and socialism.” He said, “According to Mr. L, Republicans, a majority in Cherokee County, advocate for the big business and the wealthy...” Actually, my opinion inferred that Trump and Republican politicians advocate for big business and the wealthy — not that my neighbors do so. This letter shows I was not dishonest because fact-based opinions were used to illustrate how Trump and Republican politicians blatantly support corporations and the wealthiest, rather than their Republican constituents who voted for them.

Trump promised to drain the swamp of corporate lobbyists, but instead Trump hired 357 corporate lobbyists for his Cabinet and for other senior Administration positions. At Trump’s direction, his “corporate lobbyists” are changing regulations and passing laws to enrich big business and the wealthy to the detriment of lower/middle income people.

First, the Republican House and Senate gave a $1.5 trillion “cash back bonus” to corporations and the wealthy, many of whom donated millions of dollars to their re-election campaigns. At the same time, they passed a massive spending bill that has caused the Federal deficit to jump by an unbelievable 23.1% last year. This debt must be paid by every taxpayer.

Trump/Republican politicians are obsessed with eliminating health insurance for 17 million people — many of whom have pre-existing conditions. If they eliminate the ACA, millions will be faced with medical bankruptcy. Billions of dollars invested in ACA’s infrastructure will be lost. The health care industry, which makes up 18% of the U.S. economy, will be thrown into chaos.

Mr. Clearman said, “Socialism is especially dangerous…” He may be aware that the U.S. and all major western countries are governed by a mix of capitalism, democracy and socialism. For example, we have socialistic laws like Social Security, Medicaid/Medicare, a progressive taxation system, health care for the uninsured, as well as consumer, environmental, financial, medical, environmental protections, etc. These laws benefits everyone and therefore are “socialistic”. But these laws are controlled by democratic elections and certainly not by some form of communist control.

Finally, because Republicans focus on helping corporations and the wealthy in exchange for very large political donations, Republicans directly cause an ever growing degree of income inequality. According the Federal Reserve, the richest 1% of people have 99% of all the wealth. Today, income inequality in the U.S. is higher than in every other major western country. Essentially, the Federal Reserve statistics document the success of the Republican Party’s efforts to create greater income inequality between the obscenely wealthy and low/middle income wage earners. In my opinion, Republicans are a more destructive factor than “socialism.”

Paul Lampru


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If you haven't already noticed, this is not your grandfathers republican party anymore. If you are a local republican then your local republican organization, and you, are supporting the national republican party, it's policies, actions, and republican president. By inference local republicans must also support racism, Russian attacks on our voting system to help republicans, separating families and putting children in cages, corruption and chaos and corruption in government.....

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