I recently read a (letter) in the Cherokee Tribune and Ledger-News describing the purported comments Congressman Barry Loudermilk, R-Cartersville, made, which seemed to suggest he supports amnesty for illegal immigrants. This didn’t seem like the congressman I knew, who I had voted for, or who had represented me for the past four years, so I decided to contact his office for clarification.

When I contacted his office, I told them about the (letter) I had just read and the fact I’d be very disappointed in Congressman Loudermilk if this were true. A spokesperson from his office went on to explain that the Congressman’s comments were taken out of context, and that he does not support amnesty for illegal immigrants. More specifically, Congressman Loudermilk was just trying to make the point that Congress has a constitutional duty to resolve immigration issues, like DACA, or the courts will decide on their own, and without input from the public.

Another interesting thing I was told, was that Congressman Loudermilk has worked closely with the White House and president Trump on immigration reform and border wall funding. He was a part of the Dec. 19, 2018, meeting with the President in the White House, which discussed whether or not Congress should include border wall funding in the end-of-year budget vote. The spokesperson told me, during that meeting, Congressman Loudermilk urged the president to stand and fight for the much-needed border wall.

Relieved by what I had just heard, but not totally convinced, I decided to look up Congressman Loudermilk’s voting record on immigration bills. To do this, I went to Numbers USA’s website, which is the nation’s largest grassroots immigration-reduction organization. Part of their mission includes scoring elected officials based on immigration bills that come through Congress; and, it turns out, Congressman Loudermilk has a 100% rating with the organization. In the four-plus years Congressman Loudermilk has served in Congress, he has sponsored or cosponsored, 40 immigration bills that range from increasing our border security to reforming our broken immigration system.

As a Cherokee County citizen, I genuinely trust Congressman Loudermilk. We need representatives like him to speak for us in Washington. Not just on immigration, but other issues affecting us as well. Finding out the facts about a situation like this one, in which he was misquoted, is possible. We cannot rely on Facebook or Twitter for our news. We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves with the facts. We must know so we can exercise our right to vote with confidence.

Stephanie Honea Harris

Holly Springs

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Yes, we all must educate ourselves. We can watch something other than Fox TV, maybe MSNBC for a change. Actually read the Mueller Report at least what is not censored out. If you are tired or hearing about children in cages at the border, expand your interest beyond immigration into corruption or the Russian manipulation of our voting system. There is no shortage of learning moments available to anyone willing to accept that the president of the United States is unfit to serve in any governmental capacity and that his republican party has no problem with that fact.

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