Thank you, Cherokee Tribune! On your opinion page I continue to see contributors who wish to mislead the readers. So it was with the letter, “It’s time to attack Biden,” in your May 30 edition. Once again Mr. Lampru provides a wonderful target of opportunity.

Joe Biden is 76 years old and has been government employee for 49 years — yes, a 49 years! He is a presidential candidate for the third time. He first announced in 1988, 31 years ago. He has been called out for plagiarizing both political and college writings. We call that cheating! Under his leadership, the senate confirmation hearings for Judge Bork and Judge Thomas were called by many “a circus.”

Mr. Lampru forgets to tell the reader about the Obama-Biden administration activities that reflect on their complete disdain for the rule and spirit of American law. They include: the Benghazi coverup, gun sales to drug cartels in the “Fast and Furious” scandal, muzzling the speech of military chaplains, Iran payoff, apologizing for the U.S. worldwide, trying to socialize our healthcare, turning federal agencies into political weapons, and increasing the national debt more than the preceding 43 presidents. The list could go on and on. Sen. Cruz listed 78 “lawless” activities. We won’t even address the alleged Biden family irregular activities.

Possibly Biden’s stance on issues important to Georgia voters might also be worth addressing. They include (from internet sources) his percentage support for the following: fundamental Christian and family values 16%, church and state separation 100%, gun ownership (F by the NRA), migration control 8%, lowering taxes 15%, and restrictions on abortions 0%, just to name a few.

Knowing the candidates before we elect them might prevent a repeat of the election of individuals such as Barack Obama about whom we still know less than any president in history. As Mr. Lampru stated, maybe it is time to attack “Uncle Joe” before it’s too late.

Quentin M. Thomas


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