Since the gubernatorial election, Georgia has been catapulted into the national spotlight in a negative way. Nationally we are racists, race baiters, phobic, cheaters, of every order. According to two presidential candidates, Buttigieg and Biden, we are alleged to be voter suppressors as well. I resent these allegations which have been motivated by a sore loser whose loss by 54,723 votes is pretty convincing to most Georgians.

Building on her gender and race and supported by out-of-state money, Ms. Abrams has decided that the election was not to her liking. She has gone on a rampage to deny her defeat and to pander to her supporters that she was cheated. Do you think this reflects favorably on Georgia?

Recently, she rushed to Hollywood to meet with fellow liberals who have threatened to curtail media production in Georgia over the heartbeat bill which was passed by our elected legislature. She panders to the Hollywood elitists who have a $5 billion dollar plus impact on the state. However, she forgets our conservative agricultural community who contribute over $70 billion dollars annually.

Since her loss to Gov. Kemp, Abrams has lived in a world of self-aggrandizement, fantasy and denial much like her romance novels. She has denounced the character of her opponent, denounced the election system, denounced many basic values of Georgians, denounced her political opponents for any number of things and denounced majority rule.

I believe she is in a position for which she was never prepared. She has become a media darling and is being orchestrated by the puppet masters and donors within a radical element of national politics. Remember, when donors such as the Soros family and special interest groups contribute to a campaign, they always expect a return. If history serves us well, they want to undermine our basic Georgia values, our national governing principals and our state’s reputation. Ms. Abrams is not original; she is not even creative. She is using typical Alinsky style rules for radicals — that is, deny, deny, deny, then blame, blame, blame, then mislead, misinform and cry bias or a rigged system.

She is painting a picture of Georgians that we should resent. She believes outside liberal groups are smarter and more important than Georgians. She paints us, our neighbors and our culture with a broad brush in the worst light. She is demonstrating that a lie told often enough can become more and more believable. The facts will actually show that Georgians are hardworking, conservative individuals who believe in the solid principals and the basic values upon which our country was founded. It is a shame that Abrams cannot see and be part of that great culture.

Quentin M. Thomas


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