Mr. Conkey’s recent opinion uses Bible verse to justify how Trump’s impeachment ushers in “perilous times” to be followed by “the end of time” as prophesied thousands of years ago. It is puzzling how Mr. Conkey’s political interpretation of this prophecy is applicable to the impeachment of Trump. Does the Bible, the Koran, the Torah or any religious document support the Republican Party over the Democratic Party or vice versa?

Trump calls the impeachment a scam, an unconstitutional “coup” and says Congress should not be able to investigate him while in office — here’s proof of the latter. In October, a three judge panel from the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals asked Trump lawyer, Mr. Consovoy, if anything could be done if Trump actually killed someone on 5th Ave. Judge Chin asked, “(Are you saying) Nothing can be done (by law enforcement to investigate Trump), that’s your position?” Trump’s lawyer responded, “That is correct.”

Not surprisingly, this Court, and previous courts, ruled that Trump’s claim of immunity from criminal investigation is not supported by law. Why? Because the impeachment clause in the Constitution gives Congress the express authorization to investigate anyone in government. It was written to guarantee no President is above the law. How can Mr. Conkey and Republicans condemn Congress for actions that are specifically authorized by the United States Constitution?

Trump committed impeachable crimes even after the Pentagon, State Dept officials and Office of Management and Budget told him it is against Federal law (i.e., Impoundment Act) for a President to withhold Congressional and Senate approved funding. Furthermore, Trump knew Federal law prohibits asking a foreign government for campaign dirt on his political adversary.

Trump told Ambassador Sondland to convince Ukraine to announce a Biden investigation, while Giuliani and his indicted co-conspirators attempted to coerce information from a corrupt Ukrainian former prosecutor to fabricate dirt. Sondland testified under oath, “Was there a quid pro quo? The answer is yes.” Everyone who testified said Trump wanted Ukraine to open an investigation on the Bidens. Even Trump’s chief of staff said it was a quid pro quo.

Democrats don’t hate Trump! Trump was impeached because he willfully and flagrantly breaks Constitutional and Federal law! If these impeachment allegations are false, then Trump would allow his staff to testify and would release documents proving his innocence. Instead, he blocks everyone from testifying under oath, because they would be forced to tell the truth.

It is a bold lie when Republicans say Trump’s acts are not impeachable. Basically, Republicans are advocating that the Constitutional authority of Congress should be suspended while Trump is in office because this Republican President is above the law!

Paul Lampru


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