At some time, not too far in the future, social critics and historians will likely decide the 2.0 transformation introduced a series of quick-fix reforms as well as a rising tide of mediocrity which together began eroding the foundation of The Miss America enterprise.

We have entered the period of diminished expectations in which even the lowest achieving candidates can be promoted on the basis of their vocational orientation.

On these counts, the Miss America Organization will very quickly succeed at undermining their own highly regarded standards of academic achievement, exceptional talent, and commitment to social service. The bulk of what Miss America has stood for will be abandoned to the world of bytes, and code and big tech chasing solutions that don’t matter.

Talent, physical presence, candidate supporting candidate, innovative young women applying themselves to solving down-to-Earth challenges — especially on the environment, foster care, health, and human respect – this could make a real difference… this is what matters.

You are, Victoria Hill, Miss Georgia now and Miss America 2020 forever.

David St. Germain


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