It appears that Cherokee County is suffering from a lack of efficient management, leadership and civility in some of our senior positions.

Over the past several years a number of issues have come to light that might be well for citizens and voters to consider during this heavy election year.

We continue to have county management for almost 20 years that does not live in Cherokee County. It seems that it would be difficult to get the feel of your administration unless you are affected by the decisions you make and the teams you manage.

Cherokee County gets its legal representation from Cumming. This costs county citizens hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. The individual listed as our County Attorney on the county’s website as is actually a law firm employed by the county. This firm services several other counties and organizations with whom we might litigate in the future. How will that possible conflict of interest be handled? Remember, they were under county employment during the Bobo boondoggle. Shouldn’t we have a county attorney on staff who is strictly dedicated to the interests of Cherokee County? What does our staff attorney do? Are there no qualified legal firms in Cherokee County who will never have a potential conflict of interest?

We have elected leadership who announced they would not enter into discussions with our county communities to resolve the county Service Delivery issues. This issue is where community citizens appeared to be getting double taxed for county services.

We have a library system that can’t depend on county leadership to provide a steady funding flow to maintain services for county residents. This is a county character issue just like baseball, soccer fields and tennis courts. County communities feel they are being double taxed therefore the county solution was to reduce hours of service for citizens.

County leadership continues to file lawsuits against county communities on various issues over which they disagree. Holly Springs and now Woodstock. This means that citizens are paying for both prosecution and defense. Remember, it’s just tax money.

As we enter the election season, Cherokee County citizens might want to consider these among other issues as we select county leadership.

Quentin Thomas


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