A recent opinion article by Donald Conkey implied that President Trump is without fault and that he will “Make America Great Again.” Was America great when we pushed the Native Americans onto reservations? Was America great when over 800,000 Americans died in ourCivil War, when slavery was the norm, when women were not allowed to vote, or when we sent our men to Vietnam and millions died?

Let’s work together and do our best to make America (and the world) a better place so we all can enjoy a better life. President leadership is required. The president’s “I’m the greatest” political rallies are only making America more divided.Mr. Conkey states “one party has for three years tried to destroy the very foundations of our freedoms — by impeaching a duly elected President.” He should note that impeachment is in the Constitution so as to allow removal of a duly elected President for doing wrong — by duly elected members of the House of Representatives! Come on, most people don’t hate Trump — they hate the way he acts. The President calls the press “fake news,” yet isn’t the “Free Press” something we Americans are proud of — and we normally criticize other countries for not having a “Free Press” to question authority? I also tire of those who can quote scripture to show how God hates those who oppose Trump, when we all know that words from scripture can be used to make any point. Mr. Conkey states Bible verse in his article to indicate that Democrats are bad — the words he quotes apply to Trump more that anyone. Doesn’t the Bible that Mr. Conley often quotes (out of context) also say that we should love one’s enemy, judge not — God will judge, etc.?

Conkey is correct that the Declaration of Independence references God, but he somehow doesn’t mention that the Constitution makes no mention of God. I wish we would stop using a passage from the Bible to make some political point. The economy is doing fine, but maybe it would be doing fine under another person.

More important is the question as to whether the economy is the key indicator or one’s happiness, wellbeing or if money is the measure God will use to qualify one to enter Heaven! Trump loves those with money and power. I don’t think Jesus was rich or a businessman, yet he was a leader!

I’ll end and say we all must know that Trump seems to have deepened the swamp in Washington when we see a character like Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer, and many (dozens) of his key appointments have left, resigned, or have been forced to leave due to shady dealings.

George Falkenstein


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I agree with Todd. Trump and Republicans want to institute a President that is above the law. Asking a foreign government to investigate a political opponent is NOT an abuse of power and therefore is justified because if the President decides HIS election is best for the country.


The more outrageous, hateful, immoral, unethical, and illegal Trump behaves, the more people like Mr. Conkey will defend him. They will never admit the made a mistake voting for him. Everytime Conley praises Trump and passes judgement on others, his religious hypocrisy is on display for all to see.[innocent]

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