Americans have witnessed some startling things during the past several months. Along with a tremendous national response to the pandemic, we have seen every subversive group in the country crawl out from under their rock to protest for their cause or create chaos. These groups include the hijacked Black Lives Matter movement, Antifa, anarchists, communists, socialist academics, the 1619 project and others. Americans need to realize that our way of life and our constitutionally guaranteed liberties are being attacked. In fact, they are using the very freedoms of the Constitution to undermine those very same freedoms.

Many groups are made up of individuals who have never contributed a thing to the well-being of our country. They are takers and not givers mixed with a large dose or immorality wrapped in historical ignorance. We have seen that a tolerance of violent and destructive protests only encourages more of the same. We have also seen that a swift response will quickly put a stop to the wanton destruction.

Interestingly, the true colors of a number of organizations have come to light. Teachers unions in California are no more concerned with educating the children than they are with curtailing the riots. Their return to work demands include defunding the police, the Bernie medical plan, charter school moratorium and increased funding for illegal immigrant students. I believe they are showing their real focus and it has little to do with student education. They can no longer wrap themselves in the mantra of “What’s best for the children.” Some groups that started with worthy intentions such as BLM are aligning to support for riots and destruction. Numerous corporations, who have prospered from American capitalism, are pandering and openly supporting groups with socialistic motives that undermine our Constitutional society. This same goes for individuals who financially support criminal activity along with some professional sports leagues. Additionally, we have seen the true scope of Soros $32 billion dollar funding of activities to liberally influence the media and other organizations that have patriotic sounding names but hidden anti-American agendas.

One way to fight back is to vote for those who will enforce the rule of law and return to a code of morality that has somehow slipped through America’s fingers. I firmly believe that the churches can be the nucleus for this. Additionally, we need to demand accountability and support full punishment for convicted law breakers. Patriotic Americans should only support those organizations, businesses and individuals that advocate for American Constitutional values. It is our choice … If we don’t do it, who will?

Quentin M. Thomas


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Jimmy Nomayo

If you think so, Quentin.

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