To all of you, I am expressing my heartfelt concern for the nation. We are totally reliant on the mercy of our God. Every election, we hear this is the most critical one and this one fits that description.

Regardless of your party affiliation, if you love this country, you have to be saddened by the lack of knowledge or respect for our history and our founders. Men and women, all who sacrificed to form a more perfect union, one that continues to work on it’s flaws as addressed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. There is so much misinformation being put out about our history and sometimes outright lies. I have heard that the government schools are not teaching the history that so many of us had, but are rewriting it to put our founders in a bad light as well as America itself.

If you defend your property as the couple in St. Louis, you have your guns confiscated. The police won’t answer your calls and you can’t defend yourself. There goes the second amendment.

You may not like the way President Trump talks, you may not like his past or whatever else there may be, but I believe he truly loves America and is the only person standing in the way of a complete destruction of our freedoms and our American way of life.

The other option is Joe Biden, a man no longer able to express himself and is holed up in his home. If elected, he has promised to reform America, raise taxes, open borders and pretty much everything that Bernie Sanders, Omar and Alexandria Cortez have pushed for, including the end of fos sil fuel, energy independence and the acceptance of AOC’s green new deal. Mr Biden will not be in charge, but will serve at the will of others if he is not removed per the 25th amendment. This group seems to have no regard for law and order. Further they embrace Black Lives Matter, a wonderful phrase and thought, but an organization that embraces abortion, Marxism and the LGBT lifestyle rather than life. This side has pulled out all the stops and they mean to win at all costs.

So I prayerfully ask, that you pay attention to what is going on around us, and remember the truth and beautiful history of the United States of America. Remember the sacrifices of the Revolutionary war, the Civil War (fought to end slavery and preserve the Union), WWI, WWII and all the wars fought for freedoms. We all have flaws, but it is what we do for the good even with these flaws that matters most. Do not be complacent. If we fail, we will not recognize this country.

John Cory


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Not a robot

Also remember the sacrifices of the US soldiers Putin paid a bounty for. What is Trump going to do about that? Nothing. What does Putin have on him anyway?


Turn off Fox News Chicken Little.

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