During a chaotic 1991 gubernatorial campaign, the Louisiana Republican Party found itself saddled with a primary winner they had already repudiated, former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. Party faithful were aghast. Many had spoken against him, but the nature of the primary process had allowed the unthinkable to happen. He was to run against the incumbent Democrat, Gov. Edwin Edwards, long considered to be corrupt.

There was a revolt in the Republican Party. Bumper stickers appeared that read, “Vote for The Crook, It’s Important.” Edwards won, though years later he was convicted of racketeering and served eight years in federal prison. Duke never won another election. Republicans, when faced with such a dilemma, had joined with the Democrats and chosen the lesser of two evils.

You have read little or nothing about it in the mainstream press, but the country faces a similar dilemma today. Today it’s the Democrats at a crossroads.

Socialism’s tendency to slip to extremes of both Nazism and Communism was vividly demonstrated over the past century, at incalculable cost to mankind. Now we witness the collapse of what was the richest nation in Latin America, a newly socialist satrapy of communist Cuba. Venezuelans are quite literally starving as a result. And yet the Democratic Party, in a process that’s been under way for over 50 years, now counts among its credible presidential primary candidates one proud, self-professed socialist and another who hasn’t yet come out of the socialist closet, but quacks just like him.

Here’s what’s more amazing: The party’s faithful, most of whom certainly remember Russia’s Gulags, Cambodia’s killing fields and Peru’s Shining Path terrorists, are apparently not aghast! Where are the ringing affirmations of individual liberties, economic freedom, personal responsibility and limited government? Where are the denouncements of collectivist overreach, bureaucratic abuse of power and perversion of the Constitution they swore to protect in their oaths of office? Are they all, to one degree or another, in that closet, too?

Finally, why are alarm bells not going off in the mainstream press because of the Democrats’ seeming acceptance and even tacit endorsement of socialism? Why is nobody taking a stand?

There are two kinds of lies. When they tell you that socialism is this benign movement based on and executed in a spirit of charity, 100 years of history shows that to be a lie of commission. When they don’t even report to you that American voters will soon be facing a choice that could affect the fate of democracy both here and around the world, that’s a lie of omission.

Please. Listen carefully for both what you can hear...and for what you don’t hear.

Tom Clearman


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