You might say I’m a “Confederate” sympathizer based on the fact that my 2nd great grandfather fought at and was killed at the battle of Malvern Hill fighting for the Confederacy. I have no connection to the Confederacy other than that. I honor that man George Washington Byess. I honor the very DNA found within my body that he contributed. You can tear down all the statues and memorials that you like, for my heritage is not there. It resides in my heart and it always will. Those monuments are just as much about Black history just as they are about White history. What you are tearing up/down is American History. Like a lot of folks from the South and other parts of America I never knew these folks nor their contributions to the South and or the slavery cause. I never knew “Benning nor Bragg” nor their connection with the Confederacy. They were just simply names of military bases. Change them if you wish but again, you’re changing American history. These changes won’t be felt in the Confederacy for it is no more, but they will be a part of American History. You can’t rebuild America more to your liking without its past always being in the forefront.

In fact about all you can do is to destroy the country, to push the races further apart than they have ever been. “Black Lives Matter’ but not to the point that it excludes White lives or any other race or sect. You want equal justice well then that’s fine, just be sure it is equal justice and not justice that allows one race/sect to elude punishment for crimes committed. You want changes to the police and that’s fine too, but maybe you might run out to some of the homes on Bankhead or Johnston Road that have just been riddled with bullets narrowly missing the children sleeping inside. Ask the occupants how they feel about cutting the police budget. Yes, George Floyd is now a part of that American history and a horrific sad picture it is and the police must be accountable as are all others. You can take their money and reallocate it to training them to be Officer Namby Pamby, but is that whom you would want to respond if your wife was being held by a serial rapist at gun point. You folks go ahead, have your say then go home. Look around and see what you have. You already have the things you’re looking for in a place called America. It may need some tweaking to make it more to our liking but it’s the best the world has to offer!

Jerry Byess


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