Feb. 12, was Abraham Lincoln’s 211th birthday. I wonder how many Americans took a moment to ponder the role Lincoln played in preserving America’s unalienable rights and liberties, and yes, even America itself.

I also wonder how many of the upcoming generations comprehend that the Civil war was fought for more than just the slavery issue. The Civil War was fought to preserve the freedoms outlined in America’s Declaration of Independence, freedoms protected by America’s Constitution, both documents of freedom inspired by America’s “Supreme Judge of the World.”

As soon as Lincoln was elected president in 1860 the Southern States seceded, leaving America literally a divided nation – a North and a South. Then 40 days after taking office on March 4, 1861 the South fired at Fort Sumter, igniting America’s Civil War. Lincoln quickly came under attack from both the Southern states and his northern detractors, detractors that included many of the newspapers of that day.

Sound familiar? Well it should, because on Nov. 8, 2016, America again elected a man to preserve America’s freedoms and liberties. While America is not physically divided, as it was divided in Lincoln’s day, America today is so politically divided a few think it could lead to massive internal conflicts. In Lincoln’s day it was clearly the North against the South. Today is it the progressives against the conservatives. Some think today’s divide is between the Democrats and Republicans. No, America’s divide today goes much deeper than that, it is an ideological war.

On one side of this ideological war are those who believe the Constitution is outdated and needs to be replaced with their own ideas patterned after Marxism and socialism. On the other side are those who want to preserve those freedoms that have allowed America to become “One Nation Under God” and a beacon of hope to the enslaved worldwide.

Today’s ideological war is not a new war. It is a war that began in heaven, as John the Revelator explains in Revelations chapter 12, a war that Satan and his angels lost and then were cast down to earth where they continued their ongoing war to enslave mankind. And Satan and his minions, as Isaiah clarifies in Chapter 14, are liars and cheats and will do anything to achieve their goal — the enslavement of all mankind.

Can anyone comprehend what would have happened had Lincoln lost that war of brother against brother, of father against son? America would have been a nation divided; two separate nations always at war with one another, never able to achieve the greatness that America’s Preamble suggests America could become.

But the battle to gain and preserve freedom never ends. About a hundred years after Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamations, God would raise up another man, Martin Luther King, to continue that battle to free all Americans – and all mankind. And that battle to preserve freedom continues today along with all the other challenges freedom faces in an ever-changing secular world. But preserving freedom can be deadly as both Lincoln and King paid the ultimate price with their life for their efforts to preserve the freedoms America’s Founders gave America.

Then in 2016, as freedom was again under attack by the progressives Donald “John/Josiah” Trump rose up to confront the “Swamp,” or America’s secret combination, governing America with their agenda to socialize America. The challenges Trump is currently facing from today’s progressives are like those Lincoln faced to preserve America’s freedom in 1861, not by secession but by the takeover of today’s government by socialists. The progressives’ attacks today are vicious, and freedom loving Americans need to be aware that if the progressives win their freedoms are at stake. And this political divide could turn into a very vicious real internal war!

America today, under Trump, like America under Lincoln in 1861, is again at the crossroads: wanting to retain America’s “unalienable rights” given to it by its Founders, or, buying into the ‘“socialized slavery” that comes when “the people” vote, often ignorantly, for the farfetched promises made by the progressive candidates. America needs to remember the Creator’s words: “Nevertheless, when the wicked rule the people mourn.” Words strongly borne out by history!

Every freedom loving American should ponder how freedoms are lost and then give thanks to God who, in time of need, has raised up leaders to lead the fight against all enemies of freedom, and why each freedom loving American needs to become involved in preserving America’s freedoms.

If not we, who?

Donald Conkey is a retired agricultural economist who lives in Woodstock.

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