Whether we think about it all the time or not, God is doing marvelous works in our lives every day.

When you think about it, every time we get out of bed and go about our daily grind, it’s a blessing. There are many, because of physical or mental ailments, who can’t get up and go about their business. For those of us who are able, I think it’s important we remember that our abilities can end with our next breath.

There are so many things we take for granted. Although I’ve said it before, it’s worth repeating. Every situation we find ourselves in is relative. No matter the dilemmas that come our way, we can usually find someone facing tougher challenges. Remembering that can help us keep things in perspective.

My daughter Lindsey and her beau have been looking at houses for several months. They have found the market tough for buyers. The costs to purchase a home has skyrocketed in the last year or so. It’s been a painful process for them. Nevertheless, after about five months, they found the house that they will make their home.

After relinquishing their lease on their apartment, the closing on the house took longer than expected. This meant moving their stuff into storage for a week until the deal was complete. This situation was aggravating to say the least. It meant they would basically be moving twice in the matter of a week.

During that week, she and Steve stayed with me along with their cat Callie. One might think the situation would be less than ideal. It wasn’t. I can truly say it has been one of the best weeks I can remember.

Every day after work, we would sit and talk about the day’s events. Conversations were had about the past and the future. Even though she is 30 and doing very well in her life, listening to her talk sitting on the floor of my bedroom took my mind back to the time when she was just a little girl.

One night this week, we were in the kitchen and she began to talk about the close friends she had lost recently to death. Tears filled her eyes as she talked about how she wished she had been a better friend. There is no doubt in my mind that if we could ask those friends of hers that have passed, they would tell her she was a loving friend. One of those losses was so recent that she was staying with me when we attended the funeral. She had so many questions about life and death and the importance of friendships. It was a daddy and daughter moment that needed to happen.

Had their closing gone as originally scheduled, chances are this conversation would have never taken place. I believe in divine intervention and further believe this was one of those situations. God can put us where we need to be when we need to be there when He finds it necessary. This conversation didn’t end in the kitchen that night. It continued throughout the week.

It is obvious as a parent, your kids never get too old to sometimes need your advice. When it happens, you do the best you can to guide them in the right direction. You’re always hoping you are saying the right things. Make no mistake, I’ll never be named father of the year by anyone. I’ve messed up way too many times as a parent for any accolades. Yet somehow, someway, Lindsey still comes to me with questions and asks for advice. Maybe my mistakes mean less to her than they do others. Maybe she just loves me and trusts me that much. Either way, I’ll take it.

There was a time in her life that the complications of buying a house would have sent her over the edge. However, she has matured and understands everything is relative. The loss of a dear friend far outweighed what she was going through, and she acted accordingly.

There is not much better than watching your children grow up and handle life in a manner that you know pleases God.

They closed on their house today. It makes me proud to see her living her dreams. At the same time, my selfishness hates to see her go. Tears accompany this column as I already miss those nightly talks. I thank God for one of the best weeks of my life.

Chris Collett is a longtime resident of Cherokee County.

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