Dear Editor:

My wife is a former teacher, so I don’t blame teachers for the uneducated students who can’t explain socialism, yet favor it over capitalism. I blame the Department of Education and textbook publishers for their economic and civic ignorance.

We are producing such ignorant young adults that they are easily led by slogans. They were obviously never taught that socialism was responsible for the deaths of close to 100 million people in the last century. Many like it, because… “it’s fair”.

Their economic education is so poor they don’t know that companies don’t pay taxes and believe the slogan that companies should pay their “fair share” by paying more taxes. What they don’t realize is that rather than paying taxes, companies merely collect them from customers and pass them on to the government.

As an example, if a car cost $20,000 and the government puts a $5,000 tax on it as of January 1, the car that cost $20,000 on December 31 would cost $25,000 on January 1. Given those figures, I think most people will agree, the buyer of the car January 1 would pay $25,000 and be the one paying the tax, not the company.

These students would also fall for the government line that our shortages and high gas prices are the result of COVID related spending. That’s only partly correct. The real cause is government. On his first day in office, Biden cancelled the XL pipeline driving the price of gas up. And the Democrat controlled Congress has been sending people bonus payments to stay home from work, causing shortages and empty shelves.

Again, due to their lack of knowledge, they fall for the slogan “the rich have to pay their fair share”, not knowing that according to the Heritage Foundation, the top 1% earned 21% of the income yet paid 40% of the taxes. The top 10% paid 71% of the taxes. Now if 10% of Americans are paying 71% of the taxes, how much more must they pay to pay their “fair share”

Lastly, the lack of civic knowledge shown in “man in the street” interviews, where many college students can’t name the three branches of our government, is proof positive that it’s long past time for our school systems to get back to teaching the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic. And abandon the failed practice of preaching Critical Race Theory to unsuspecting children. Pitting one against the other, telling the white children they are oppressors and black children they are hopeless victims.

In my opinion, teaching a black child they are a hopeless victim with little to no chance to succeed is racist child abuse and needs to stop!

Conrad Quagliaroli



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Sounds like your wife failed to perform her duties as a teacher.

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