I am fully shifting my attention from anyone else’s political choices to a prayer that has been pulsing through my mind for months. Now, the reverberation of the prayer, and its implications, have triggered something in my heart that I began to recognize as peace.

What a difference a prayer can make.

The exhaustion I’d been feeling every time I thought of our social and political climate has quieted and an increasing sense of calm and tranquility has taken root. A real blessing!

I’m sure that many people reading this hold political opinions that are different than mine. This prayer can be where we can meet; it can be our common ground on which to build a shared future that serves us all. With which we can greet each other in public places and again have our smiles reach our eyes. Through which we will have peace because we have remembered that we belong to each other. Because of which each other’s name will be safe in our mouths. What treasures!

I ask you to join me. Here’s the prayer:

In regard to all of our political and social situations, let the highest and best for all concerned now unfold like a rose, in God’s grace-filled and perfect ways.

Notice that it does not matter what my political choices are, just that I want the meaning and outcome of my choices to be influenced and directed by God.

It does not strategize the form of the outcomes, just that they be for the highest good. There is no need to give up what I personally want, only trust that there are solutions that would bless us all. This prayer does not require me to know how these things will occur, only that I place my trust in God. Remembering that my words do not go forth and come back void I know that my willingness, however small or large, is all that is asked.

In regard to all of our political and social situations, let the highest and best for all concerned now unfold like a rose, in God’s grace-filled and perfect ways.

I surrender my little will into the Will of God and am blessed by an increasing compassion for myself and others, by the presence of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control when I think about or speak with others … when I post my opinions in public places.

Everything I have gained is worth far more that what I feared to lose.

Join me.

Honey Rubin


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(3) comments


Okay, but which god are we praying to? The god who hates liberals, socialists, people of color, and gays or a different god???

Yo, semite!

God is an imaginary friend for grown-ups.


Yep, the god of Don Conkey.

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