America has lost the idea that just because you disagree or don’t believe in the way someone lives their life that you can still coexist and get along. Today’s America believes you either agree with me or else. And the or else is hatred now.

People who just live their lives and go about their day loving the people around them now have become the enemy. I am a middle aged white southern male who missed the day that white privilege was given out.

All of the racial tensions is a distraction. Sure their are whites who hate blacks just like there are blacks who hate whites. The same goes for all races. Unfortunately that’s seems to be human nature for some or the way they were raised.

I feel America is reaching a point in time for all the silent, diligent, nose to the grindstone Americans who still go to work, church, school to only come home watch the news and complain of all that is wrong. It’s time for our voices to be heard. Time for the Americans who believe in the land of the free to speak your mind show that America is not a divided country, to show that some may be bringing isolated problems to the surface and trying to make them look widespread. Show the world that America still supports its law enforcement. Stop allowing a small portion our population to make decisions that will impact all of us.

I am afraid if we don’t take a stand, the America we know will be brought to her knees. When the majority stays silent and allows the few who are trying to divide us speak so loudly we all will lose. Wake up. Can’t you see that those who are screaming are upset how all of America was starting to work together, every American was stepping up and doing their part helping each other and your race, religion, or where you were from didn’t matter. That’s who we should be all the time. If those who are silent continue to be so we may lose America as we know it. No matter your age this affects your future. Maybe the future of your kids, grandchildren or even your future.

We the silent America hold the future in our hands and it’s time to use our voices to change it. Say thank you to the next officer you see. Tell a soldier thank you for your service. Let the first responders know you are grateful for them being there when you need them. Stop being silent when you see a person doing wrong to another. Don’t be afraid to stand for what you believe in. And remember you don’t have to agree with everyone to still love them.

Eric Wacaster


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