Dear Editor:

It’s easy to see how radical right media and corporate lobbyists like Heritage instruct Mr. Quagliaroli what to think — they decide, you repeat — independent and critical thinking skills? He, like the Governor and Taliban, want to cancel what you can read or discuss.

Myth 1: Gasoline prices don’t happen due to your President. The last President bragged about America being energy independent, yet we were still buying expensive oil on the world market. The supply of oil is fixed and dwindling while global demand has left refineries depleted. Fossil fuel companies are having no problem making massive profits or receiving taxpayer or PPP subsidies.

Myth 2: Shutting down part of a pipeline that was a really bad business proposal in the first place has not caused a lack of supply. That dirty Canadian oil wanted the fastest way to a port, thru the American bread basket whose underground aquifer makes it one of the greatest places for agriculture. Imminent domain issues, no public safety from the pipeline owner, and depressed land values — that oil, headed to a tax-free TX port, was never meant for Americans.

Myth 3: Rich people pay all the taxes? Why would a taxpayer defend the very wealthiest companies and families who already use every tax avoidance vehicle at their disposal. If you paid attention in school, measuring results by totals doesn’t tell the whole story. Try the percentage of income paid by the few jillionaires who are hiding everything vs the working and middle class who are paying for the economy we all enjoy. The secret IRS files whistle blown earlier this year reveal how the wealthiest help only themselves.

Myth 4: If taxed, they’ll just pass that to consumers? These companies and people pay a great deal to practice their unpatriotic, but somewhat legal ways of hiding their earnings. Indeed, today, consumers are paying for many basic necessities because those that can afford to pay greater amounts aren’t participating in helping the rest of us pay for things like infrastructure — they grift and jilt the taxpayer.

Myth 5: Socialist plot? Greatest wealth divide in the history of this nation is hapapening while most of us share costs for schools, roads, utilities, public safety, and more. This is not an evil plot and you don’t live on an island where you alone are the reason for all your benefits. We live in a County named for the people we marched out of here and we have taxpayer-provided military bases, airports, interstates and a lake providing our capitalistic companies a base of operations. Sharing makes us stronger and it doesn’t make us socialist or communist, but it does scare up votes.

Patrick Thompson



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