Goodbye to the radical socialism and fascist tactics of the last administration. The party that wants us to rehire them to represent critical issues for all Georgians and Americans offers nothing but fear and brings nothing to the table for what they’ll do for us. If they were working in the Wall Street they worship, they’d have been fired and barred for insider trading. Instead, they were cleared of any wrongdoings by a corrupt government afraid to police itself.

As the Cato Institute noted: “Agriculture is no riskier than other industries and does not need an array of federal subsidies.” with “about 97% of all farm households wealthier than the median U.S. household — $46 billion of our tax dollars to help account for 40% of farm income. Why is Sonny Perdue becoming the invisible handout to mega farms while the Farm Bureau reports bankruptcies up over 40% (small farms) due to this administration’s not-so-free market of forced tariffs?

Seventy-eight percent of $28 billion in farm subsidies, untouched by Congress to the top 10% of farms like the Loeffler’s last year. Yet this radical socialist President wanted to cut tens of billions in “handouts” to unemployed workers, seniors, disabled, and low-income working families with children (like military families).

The Southeast takes in more federal tax dollars than we put into the till. Can GOP’s bloated politicians run on that record? Georgia would shrivel up like a bad peach harvest without the massive federal dollars floating to our military bases, installations, and infrastructure projects here.

David Perdue lives at socialist Sea Island, protected by burdensome environmental laws and the National Flood Insurance Program. Through NFIP, American taxpayers encourage Perdue to live in a risky environment but not help pay for that privilege. The socialist covering of write off costs for this program is $1 billion per major event (16 last year).

Unlike the Loefflers, not everyone can lower their property tax liability from $200,000 to $90,000 (which pays for municipal services). An annual drop of 50% from $10.5 million to $4.5 million, while value went up $5 million with $350,000 in home improvements. Not everyone is a billionaire that can use PPP to buy jets. Some people say taxpayers shouldn’t have these home loans if they can’t afford them. Here in Georgia, we enjoy sharing our common good tax dollars to other states so they may have health care for their people, communities, and hospitals while we suffer.

This January, I’ll be voting for the people who want to commit to working for me and will deliver positive results for our communities here in Georgia and in America.

Patrick Thompson


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(3) comments


It's so refreshing to read a factual editorial in this rag without a religious bias. Well done!

Jimmy Nomayo

Very well said! I wish all Georgians had your intellect.

Patrick Thompson

Writers don't get to pick the letter titles - I would have said that this current group of legislators writes, promotes, and votes this polity into place for their own benefit....

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