Dear Editor:

Mr. Armer wrote an opinion published on Dec. 8th, saying no factual evidence supports climate change issues. Most people understand the relationship between global warming, evaporation and environmental destruction.

Mr. Armer must not know about droughts and massive forest fires all along the west coast and around the world. Those California fires cost more than $12 billion in 2020 alone. The CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, found climate change significantly increased record setting forest fires in their country…Australia's bushfires kill[ed] or displace[ed] nearly 3 billion animals including mammals, reptiles, birds and frogs during 'Black Summer' 2020.”

Mr Armer wondered if climate change is real. Tornadoes are rare in Dec, but on Dec 10-11, 30 of the deadliest tornadoes struck along a 250-mile path from Arkansas to Kentucky killing over 100 people and flatting towns along the way. “…the ferocity and path length of Friday night's tornadoes likely put them in a category of their own, meteorologists say. One of the twisters…likely broke a nearly 100-year-old record for how long a tornado stayed on the ground...” (Associated Press, 12/12/21).

Mr Armer wondered why is Miami not underwater? Why are polar bears not extinct due to Arctic ice melts? Why are Pacific Islands not underwater? In November 2021, Miami headlines reported: Miami area sees flash flooding from tropical moisture; Heavy rain causes flooding in Miami Beach, etc. NY subways were flooded. There are news articles about cities all over the world underwater from record setting flooding.

Mr. Armer wonders why islands are not disappearing from climate change. He should read the article, “Climate Change and the Sinking Island States in the Pacific”. (2020) “The rising scale and the intensity of storm surges, saltwater intrusion and coastal destruction of the past decades have decimated coping capacities, leaving island populations with failing crops, crippling water shortages and an uncertain future’ (Hassan/Cliff, 2019). The existential threat of environmental change is irrefutably claiming land and human lives year-in and year-out.”

193 of 197 nations signed the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Why do Republicans stand out from the rest of the world to obstruct efforts to mitigate climate change? Mr. Armer doesn’t seem to know that oil and gas companies contribute to Republicans who obstruct the migration to cleaner forms of energy. Between the 2012 to 2021 election cycles, those companies gave 83% of all lobbying contributions to Republicans (See Statista Nov 16, 2021). Republican willingness to accept money to stop climate change initiatives is cancer on the world’s environment and population.

Republican legislators obstructing climate change legislation proposed by Democrats in the Build Back Better bill are guilty of gross criminal negligence and should be voted out of office.

Paul Lampru



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