Congratulations to the Tribune editorial staff for the creative contributions of Paul Lampru in your Letters section. Regular readers recognize Mr. Lampru as the Tribune’s premier source of (political) Fantasy and Science Fiction. His contributions epitomize a style we could characterize as Inflammatory ADD.

In each submission, he presents a one-dimensional world in which the Good Guys and Bad Guys never change; the first have no flaws and the second have zero virtues. In this parallel universe nothing’s as it seems. This is because he usually begins by taking known facts and inverting them, then building successive conclusions to an inevitable, predictable and thunderous indictment, flawed mostly by its utter dependence upon a fatally cracked foundation.

Observant readers may recall that in several letters he cited imaginary statistics, attributing them to a Federal agency.

Others remember his blaming the Party of Lincoln for a number of race-related evils, from the KKK and lynchings to state-mandated segregation.

Rewriting history’s been practiced most famously by Nazi and Communist governments, but it happens before our eyes in the F&SF of Mr. Lampru.

In his Mar 16 letter, there is more of the same. His opening sentence builds the flawed foundation: “The 2008 financial crisis (also known as the ‘mortgage crisis’) was caused by the Republicans’ obsession with deregulating the financial industry.” This is a half-truth. I’d argue that there’s plenty of blame to go around. Two primary causes of the crisis: 1)Pres. Carter’s 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (“Adherence to (the CRA) led to riskier lending by banks,” says the National Bureau of Economic Research.) Other sources believe differently, including some Government agencies, which have been known to be influenced by politics. But I think the NBER’s wider argument is compelling. For Mr. L the counterargument doesn’t even exist. 2)The other initial contributing factor was the idea, popular in the Democratic Party, that there is an inherent “right” to home ownership. This led to government and bank policies, supported to varying extents by both parties, which led to the crisis.

Next, Mr. Lampru takes on former President Donald Trump, who still lives rent-free in Mr. L’s head. Trump “knowingly sabotaged his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic (thru) unwillingness to organize a Federal response,” he says. This is a falsehood. Search for “Operation Warp Speed” to prove it. Multiple sources tell us that vaccine development has typically required a decade. Thanks to Trump’s OWS, citizens were beginning to receive vaccinations just a year after the program began — and just in time for the Biden Administration to claim credit and for Mr. Lampru to deny OWS’ existence.

Mr. Lampru’s work exemplifies why George Washington warned of the perils of factionalism.

Tom Clearman


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