Dear Editor:

Charging a mother-to-be with a crime for having an abortion.

I don’t want any of my tax dollars to support actual abortions. I am against abortion, in most cases. In some cases, I would look for guidance.

A. I believe the person desiring an abortion should be required to go through counseling. An abortion can leave terrible emotional scars. The girl/lady might have misguided information from social media, family, friends, church, or books. I am ok with my tax dollars being used in this way.

B. The woman is the one charged in these cases. As far as I know there is only one female who had a child WITHOUT the aid of a man. SO, why is the man not brought to court?

C. If the pregnancy was caused by a rape or incest, the woman/mother will be reminded of that event for the life of the child. If the child can be given up immediately for adoption, good, if the woman agrees. If the child will be horribly deformed/impaired, isn’t there a degree, which if passed/met, the child would not be cognizant, would not “be” a person?

D. If the woman wants an abortion, but is forced by the judicial system to have the child, is she supported? Are the medical bills paid for? Is she given food and clothing for the child until the child reaches adulthood? If the court “forces” her to have the baby, then the court should pay child support.

E. In the Bible, Jesus stopped the stoning of a woman who had committed adultery. His challenge to those who wanted to stone her was to ask who of them was without sin. His challenge was not “any of you who have not committed adultery”, but who among you are without any sin.

F. Also in the Bible, is a method to settle conflicts. You confront the person who has done something wrong. If they refuse to change, you get a couple of supporters and confront the person again. If they still refuse to change, you bring them to the priest to explain your confrontation and request the priest intervene. If the person still refuses to change, you should wipe your feet off at their door and consider them “lost”.

G. I’ve always thought that Jesus’ main message is for us to love one another. Love your children/ parents/ friends/enemies NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO. That doesn’t mean you agree with everything they want, say, or do. You try your very hardest to help them, but you DO NOT force them. You pray with them and/or for them. There can be consequences for bad actions. I think the new laws have gone too far.

The Old Testament had the rule, “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” Jesus changed that.

Steven Minion



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