“Gaslighting: Manipulating discourse by presenting blatantly false narratives as true, leading others to doubt their own grasp of reality.” We’ve seen a lot of this lately from our mainstream media, like “mostly peaceful” riots that included barricading and firebombing police stations with people inside. The cat leaped out of the bag at a recent NASCAR race, when a reporter, hearing crowd chants disparaging Pres. Biden, repeatedly misstated the chant for TV viewers as “Let’s Go Brandon.” She earned a prominent place in the yet-to-be-constructed Gaslighting Hall of Fame.

Patrick Thompson puts on a gaslighting workshop in his Cherokee Tribune letter of Nov 23. Space doesn’t permit addressing all the nonsense in his letter, but I’ll address some …

He tries to dispel some “myths” using “his” truths. Even before the “myths” are revealed he insults a previous Tribune letter writer, saying he, “…like the (GA) Governor and Taliban, want(s) to cancel what you can read or discuss.” From Cancel Culture and University speech codes to rampant Political Correctness, from excluding conservative professors from campus to purging of mainstream opinions on Social Media, even to groupthink run amok in the paper and television Press (as vividly demonstrated by the execrable CNN), Mr. Thompson seems utterly clueless that this massive and still-growing trend is owned by the American Left.

Next, alleged “Myth 1: Gasoline prices don’t happen due to your President. The last President bragged about America being energy independent, yet we were still buying expensive oil on the world market,” says he. First, a falsehood, then an irrelevant and deceptive statement. Oil was inexpensive and the US became a net exporter of energy under Pres. Trump. Neither are the case today. Treasury nominee Saule Omarova stated on video that the Biden administration’s goal is to put oil and gas companies out of business even as Americans across the country face rising gasoline and heating oil costs. Four-dollar-and-rising gas and the reversal of our independence from foreign energy sources are not bugs in the Biden Plan. They are features.

Alleged “Myth 3: Rich people pay all the taxes. Why would a taxpayer defend the very wealthiest companies and families who already use every tax avoidance vehicle at their disposal(?)” Fact: The rich do pay the bulk of personal tax receipts. I challenge Mr. Thompson to walk the walk on tax avoidance: Please provide information from your latest tax return, illustrating your deliberate action to increase your tax exposure above the minimum required, as you demand of others.

Congress passes the tax laws. The IRS enforces them. This beef is not with companies or rich families or Republicans. It’s with Congress and the IRS.

Tom Clearman



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