Dear Editor:

Thanks to the Woke Left of today, there is no longer a mystery about what life was like during the Salem witch trial days in 1692. We are living through a modern version of the Salem witch hunt. In 1692, if the accused was thrown in the river and floated that was proof they were a witch and was hung. If they sank, that proved they were innocent, either way they were dead.

In today’s modern woke witch hunt, the fact that you were born white is proof you are a racist. If you protest and insist you are not racist, that’s proof you are a racist and don’t know it…What?? The Woke Left thinks of themselves as enlightened, yet that sounds like ignorant 1692 witch hunt logic to me.

Governor Phips finally put an end to the madness in the Fall of 1692. We don’t need a Governor Phips to rescue us from the current insanity, we can do that ourselves. We conservatives far outnumber those who blindly follow this woke insanity.

All we have to do is two things. One, don’t go along with this woke nonsense, say Merry Christmas and not happy holidays, stick to there are only two sexes, etc. etc. And two, speak out and call out, this woke drivel when it is first introduced into our lives. Starting with going to school board meetings and demanding that the woke Critical Race Theory or Critical Race Theory by any other name, not be taught in our schools.

Conrad Quagliaroli



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Jimmy Nomayo

Southerners have an innate ability to exhibit their astounding ignorance at every opportunity and are proud of it.


Wow. That's just crazy in so many ways... Does the paper print anything by anyone if it's a letter to editor? Hmm. One has to wonder... And why no other comments?

Ramble On

Printing these ignorant rants does seem to get the replies compared to the other letters we can flip through and see. As a former business manager it would embarass me to make money off that kinda of model.

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