Dear Editor:

Rarely do a group of people with a common cause organize together to petition the US congress to levy taxes on themselves. On September 2, 1937 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Pittman–Robertson Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act. Sportsman in the US saw alarming trends and sought to save wildlife before we lost it all to extinction. Before the creation of the law many species of wildlife were driven near extinction by commercial/market hunting and/or habitat loss from humans. The law created an excise tax that provides funds to each state to manage wildlife and wildlife habitats. Notable species that benefited from this act include white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, wood ducks and many non-game species.

The Pittman–Robertson has been amended many times and other laws have been passed to expand wildlife protection and generate more much needed funds to include fisheries. It is estimated that by 2010 over 2 billion dollars has been generated through the program. That is more money that every other conservation and so called conservation groups have generated combined. The Act helped states pay for wildlife biologist. game wardens, and purchase land with the money generated by the act and the funds states also kicked in. The US sportsman was and is now the real true conservationist. Join us. It does not mater if you hunt with a gun or a camera buy a hunting and/or fishing license and join the largest most effective conservation movement ever.

Raleigh Morgan



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