As I receive my 1,000th message from Republican operatives, current and ex-representatives (especially the out of state ones), Tea Partiers (the non-profit ones telling me who to vote for and you can guess which party), I agree with them that there’s something wrong with this election. One party has created a sanctuary country where only one opinion and line of thought is the correct one.

For a party that states they value free thought and freedom, they lost track of critical thinking in favor of the comfort of being told what to think. This party uses fear to scare people to them, but rarely mentions any strategic plans to make this country better and to govern everyone who lives here in an improved way. As this party becomes more devoid of ideas and their values become nothing other than slogans, it makes us miss the dialogue and healthy discussion that formed this country.

Nearly half the country is now not participating in our future by either not voting or by only speaking with those of like politics. The party which demagogues mainstream media, which has indeed been bought by advertisers and corporations, with a reach about the size of labor unions, another institution which has been demonized into obscurity, now only listens to broadcast media that’s nearly entirely composed of entertainers and not journalists. The funding for these entertainers is nefarious and about as dark as their political donations. These multi-millionaire entertainers continue to fund themselves through books and podcasts.

Daily listeners are subjugated to an hourly menu of entertainers barking at them from a daily talking points memo to make it easy for people to copy them, repeat them, and make the message their own. The subject matter has been consolidated to a small agenda of fear that’s created an army of followers that continues to donate to the cause, to seek comfort in their own opinion, to unfriend those with different opinions, and to be quick to name-calling before dialogue. Through companies like Sinclair Broadcasting, they’re controlling all the thought in our radio, television, and internet sites. The communism of thought this party has projected on others is fueled by funding from sources like a now-remorseful Koch family and a collection of corporate lobby interests out to further their opinions and profits.

Because these pundits can’t continue to peddle lies and to yell fire in a public theater any longer, they’re now enlisting their own social media sites to again further consolidate and amplify their misguided opinions. Canceling any culture that doesn’t agree with them, they’re like a Russian bakery that offers only one brand and style of stale bread. Cancel the sanctuary and sanctimonious talk before harming us all.

Patrick Thompson


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