Dear Editor:

In a recent story about David Purdue entering the race for Governor, Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia, made it abundantly clear who Georgians should vote for. He said: “No matter who emerges from the Republicans’ messy, race-to-the-right gubernatorial primary, voters know that Democrats are the only ones who will deliver on issues Georgians care about, like recovering from COVID-19 and expanding access to healthcare.”

Let me translate that statement. What does “recovering from COVID-19” mean? It means continuing to foment fear every time a new variant emerges, even if it’s no worse than a mild cold for most people. It means vaccine mandates and never-ending boosters. It means mask mandates, even if you are vaccinated, and even though the virus easily passes over, under and through the cloth masks people wear. It means schools and businesses being forced to close. It means trying all of the things that didn’t work before and expecting a different outcome. I’m glad Governor Kemp opened up Georgia early, allowing us to get our lives back to normal. If you want to be more like New York or California, then Stacey Abrams is for you.

What about “expanding access to healthcare”? In Democrat vernacular, access to healthcare means access to abortion. It’s one of those euphemisms they throw around to avoid using the word abortion, like taking away a woman’s “reproductive rights” or her “right to choose”. Yeah, it sounds bad when you put it that way, and makes Republicans seem mean and misogynistic. It’s really a smokescreen. It’s their way of making you forget what we are really talking about, which is the killing of an innocent, unborn human being, something that has nothing to do with “healthcare”.

And, what is the Democratic party’s position on abortion these days? Democrat-led states have passed legislation that allows for abortions up to the point of birth. And, to be intellectually consistent you have to do that. If you support the idea of “my body my choice”, then you must support the “reproductive right” of a woman to kill her unborn child at any time for any reason (for example, having an abortion if she wants a boy but finds out she’s having a girl). After all, if it’s really her choice, and it’s her body, then what argument can you make that she cannot have an abortion for any reason at any time prior to birth. If that is your position, then Stacey Abrams is the candidate for you. She will fight for that, just as Democrat governors in other states have, because that is her party’s position.

Rick Yuzzi



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