With all the discussions about voter fraud and the problems with our election system, I have found it astonishing that there has been absolutely no discussion about how united both sides are about the subject. Both Democrats and Republicans agree that our election system cannot be trusted. Let me explain:

Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, a majority of Democrats and their elected leaders have fervently stated that Russia somehow hacked into our election systems and stole the election from Hillary Clinton. They had countless congressional hearings on this matter, appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the matter and even impeached Donald Trump on related issues. Polls and surveys over those 4 years showed that upwards of 70% of Democrats had no faith nor trust in our election process.

Fast forward to today. For a variety of reasons that don’t need to be discussed here, a large majority of Republicans now have no faith nor trust in our election process.

Now the point here is not to comment, criticize nor defend either side’s opinions about our election system; the point is that Democrats and Republicans both agree. We are united that our election system cannot be trusted!

And that is not good for a democratic form of government, or any government for that matter.

So why aren’t those who keep lecturing us about how trustworthy our election process is, like our media, our leaders, our bureaucrats and all those folks so-much-smarter-than-all-of-us, discussing the fact that all of us Democrats and Republicans are united about how untrustworthy our elections are?

Well, the answer to that question is a bit disturbing. Why? Because those few all seem united against us to try to fool us into believing that our elections are secure and trustworthy when they aren’t.

When the few will fool the many into believing something that is not, it’s those few that cannot be trusted.

We are united, all of us, Democrats and Republicans alike. Our election process is an embarrassing mess.

It must be fixed.

Steve Marcinko


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...and no widespread fraud was found in 2020 either. Stick to the facts Steve. Provide evidence, not conspiracy theories and lunatic opinions.


The writer lost all credibility when he wrote in his opening "Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, a majority of Democrats and their elected leaders have fervently stated that Russia somehow hacked into our election systems and stole the election from Hillary Clinton." That was investigated and proven false early on putting an end to the fake news. This NEVER became an issue with Democrats. Stop spreading misinformation Steve. [censored]

Jimmy Nomayo

Take these steps to alleviate some of your self-made stress: go to the kitchen drawer where you keep the aluminum foil; tear a large piece of foil off the roll; fold it three times in a triangular-shape; now separate one of the folds and put it on your head. These steps should leave you with a pointy hat that will protect you from Netflix, solar flares, radiation, electromagnetic energy, alien thought manipulation, the Muslim Brotherhood, Agenda 21, gay marriage, the Affordable Care Act, The Deep State, Jade Helm 15, Black Helicopters, voter fraud, one world government, the NSA, or anything else you can conjure up.

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