According to news reports, Stacy Abrams met with President Biden in the weeks before the new Election Integrity Law was finished. She presented her case to President Biden that the new law was Jim Crow 2.0. Biden repeated this assessment on national news and encouraged the MLB to boycott Atlanta. Impulsive reactions often have unintended consequences. This is a perfect example!

It is obvious that the MLB, Delta, Coke Cola and many other businesses did not read the bill before taking a stand. They listened to the loudest and most aggressive voices, took their word for it, and did not check the facts. Now they all have egg on their faces, as MLB moves the All-Star game to Denver, Co. a state with a more restrictive voting law than Georgia. It breaks my heart that Atlantans will not get to celebrate the tribute to Hank Aaron. I seriously doubt that Mr. Aaron would approve of the MLB decision. It also breaks my heart that Atlanta black owned businesses will be hurt the most in the $100million dollar transfer to Denver. (Atlanta 51% Black---Denver 9% Black).

My mother was one of the Atlanta Braves’ most avid fans. She received the Chop Talk and kept up with all the Braves family members and where they lived. She was so fanatical about her team that she handed out copies of the Braves schedule each Spring and informed family and friends with a note: “DO NOT VISIT DURING THESE HOURS”. She wanted to be left alone with her Braves and a jar of peanuts, so we respected that!

Regarding voter ID, it seems that 56% of Democrats support, 72% of Independents and 91% of Republicans. If voter suppression is an issue, assist disadvantaged individuals in getting a free photo ID from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles.

I’m surprised that some marketing guru on Madison Ave. has not pointed out that the country is divided 50/50 politically. If you side with one 50%, you immediately offend the other 50%. This is not good marketing for companies trying to appeal to 100% of the population. The smart move for sports organizations and corporations is to not take a political stance.

To be fair, Stacy has stated in public that she does not want the MLB to move the All- Star game, however that is one of the unintended consequences of claiming outrage. Sometimes people and corporations react in ways they have been conditioned to act.

The activists need to reread the works or view the speeches of MLK Jr. He actually got things done by shaking up the nation’s conscience rather than trying to destroy the nation.

Cancel culture has reached a tipping point! When the “cancel culture” causes the cancellation of the All-Star game honoring Hank Aaron in his hometown of Atlanta—you have gone too far!

Becky Dixon


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