Dear Editor:

The war on fossil fuels conducted by Pres. Biden and his team in an effort to force upon Americans the green energy agenda is much like a drug addict going cold turkey. The problem here though, unlike the drug addict, is that going green now has nothing in place sufficiently to replace oil. This is causing great cost increases for everyone and everything that relies on fuel to get to, make, and produce what we depend upon routinely in America. Humanity has never failed to purchase innovation when the economics of price, availability and functionality become practical. Looking at the innovations of the past, be it the car over the horse and buggy, the telephone, indoor plumbing, PVC rather than lead and cast iron pipe plumbing, radio to TV, slide rules to calculators, calculators to computers, land-lines to cell phones etc., when these things were affordable, we purchased without government interference or force.

Now big daddy government is interfering and in the process messing up our once energy independent economy. I am for all of the above when it comes to energy, but it should not be subsidized by government, it should not cause hardship on citizens living paycheck to paycheck, on those on fixed income or on anyone in the work place for that matter. Those pushing for this generally do not fit into those categories. They are affluent enough not to feel the pain.

Make no mistake, this is all intentional. Just listen to Pres. Biden’s previous statements that he would phase out fossil fuel. Listen to Pete Buttigieg, Transportation Secretary, or Jennifer M. Granholm, Dept. of Energy and you will see that they have zero will or plans for fossil fuel.

Someday maybe, but not for many years though. In the meantime they look reluctantly to adversaries to produce the dirty oil that we could produce here much cleaner while bring costs down across the board.

John Cory



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