It is with much trepidation that I write this letter. Anyone who has read my editorials know that I would not have voted for Joe Biden. His values and mine are very different. Yet, I had hope that he would at the least keep what was working from the past administration and build on that. I hoped that he would stand strong for America against adversaries and for the American worker.

Now some five months later, none of that has transpired. My hopes have now turned into fear for the country, my children and grandchildren. I have seen gas prices go up 58%+/-, food prices , building materials, inflation all going up. Help wanted signs all over going unanswered in spite of the fact that unemployment is still up. Others are staying home drawing unemployment checks rather than fill these jobs. Some restaurants are having to reduce hours for lack of employees.

I am watching our borders flooded with migrants entering illegally from several countries with no background checks. Along with some decent migrants, we are getting criminals, traffickers and gang members. They are being sent all over the country to be cared for by federal, state and local agencies. And neither Pres. Biden nor Vice President Harris have been to the border to see for themselves.

How did this all happen? Immediately, the administration opened the borders, stopped the wall construction inviting all in. They canceled the Keystone pipeline project (thousands of good paying jobs lost) while later removing sanctions on the Russian pipeline. Exploration on federal lands has been halted. Energy independence is coming to an end.

At the same time, our police are under attack with efforts to defund them while crime is increasing all over the country.

Pres. Biden is an embarrassment, representing the greatest country in the world. He cannot speak coherently in a position that demands clarity and sharpness. Any such job applicant of any company would find it difficult to be hired with such a presentation. And the really sad part is, they had to know it when they put him in. When asked what he considers a tough question, he either laughs it off or gets defensive. Most who voted to put him in will not know of these decisions and failures if they only watch the so called mainstream media of CNN, MSNBC, ABC and the rest. Pres. Biden is being protected by a press that is covering for him and his administration.

If the USA is to survive as founded, we need an honest press that will do investigative reporting rather than editorializing their news. We need leaders to stand strong for the American citizen and the country.

John Cory


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The writer's values are s#%t.

Yo, semite!

You neglected to mention the Colonial Pipeline closing, the Covid pandemic, or the fact that hundreds of thousand of workers are leaving their jobs in search of higher pay, less hours, and better benefits. There is a myriad of other issues contributing to what you see as instability. However, you can not just make things up and win an argument. Do some reading and research before you take Faux News' word for everything.

Jimmy Nomayo

If you think so.

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