Each morning, as I scan the headlines of news outlets on my iPad, it begins to look like America is indeed at war with itself, a Civil War of words, not bullets (yet), that is polarizing many people throughout the United States.

A few of those headlines include: 1. Is generation Z going socialist? 2. Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot booed off stage at fundraising event! 3. Judge denies New York Police Departments request to halt mayor’s vaccine mandate! 4. Condolence denounces Critical Race Theory! 5. Stop indoctrinating kids with crazy messages! 6. The labor crisis in the U. S. is concerning. 7. Education is increasing a policy favoring Republicans. 8. Mexico is on the brink. 9. The complete catastrophe at the border by the numbers. 10. Ron de Santos sues Biden administration over federal contractor vaccine mandate. 11. Our degenerate elites are losing control and lashing out in desperation. 12. Blame public schools for transgender bathroom rapes 13. Cartels using Narcho slaves to grow marijuana on industrial scale in Oregon. Etc. etc. etc.

Yes, and I know that each generation has its own challenges to face but this generation, Generation Z, seems to have challenges far greater than the generations proceeding it. My generation, beginning in 1927, had its challenges. For instance growing up during the depression and watched my father lose his $100 a month teaching job because the schools couldn’t collect enough taxes to pay his salary; or watch my mother cry because she had to make a machine shed into a home with no running water, no indoor toilet, water heated on top of a potbellied stove with baths given once a week in a tub in front of the stove; waking up in the winter with frost on the windows so thick you could leave your hand print on the window; or watch my parents sweat over where the next dollar was going to come from; and then on December 7th, 1941 watch my father cry when he heard President Roosevelt announce that the Empire of Japan had just bombed Pearl Harbor leaving nearly 3000 dead and other thousands badly wounded.

It was a time when one of our high school classes taught the design of enemy aircraft with neighbors taking turns watching the skies for enemy aircraft, or balloons designed to drop into wooded areas and start forest fires. It was a time when farmers were asked to scrounge their farms to find anything that had steel in it so it could be turned into tanks and airplanes to fight for our freedoms. We saw the Gold Star windows in the homes of those who lost loved ones during World War II.

Following the war, we watched as Russia initiated a Cold War gobbling up one eastern European nation after another with Russia surrounding Berlin forcing the allies to fly food and medicines into Berlin over the Russian army; the Cold War that led to the Korean War when I was drafted and spend two years in Japan monitoring that Hot War in Korea.

But, unlike today, families were close with less than five percent of births born to unwed mothers regardless of the color of the mothers. It was a time when most families honored the Sabbath day, be it on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, with the exception for farm chores that had to be done – cows milked, chickens fed, horses watered and other livestock fed. It was also a time when families lived close together to hold family reunions every few years. I still remember our Walker reunions, especially one in 1936 back in the woodlot of a cousin to celebrate the 96th birthday of my great grandmother Walker.

It was during the Lyndon Johnson presidency that the decline of America began with laws that provided payment to unwed mothers with some mothers now making a living birthing children. Then the killing of unborn babies followed with few understanding that the laws of God still outweigh man made laws.

When America was founded following the Revolution War more than thirty four percent of the Constitutions’ laws were based on God’s laws found in their Bibles. Those that landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620 came to this land to be governed by “the Laws of Nature and of Natures God,” as Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence. For those who want to know how God’s wrath will descend on today’s unrighteous read 2 Kings and see how he dealt with wayward Judah and Jerusalem. It is not a pretty story.

Donald Conkey is a retired agricultural economist who lives in Woodstock.


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Yawn...[yawn] Such an ideological bigot.

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