A proposed mixed-use development on Arnold Mill Road in Woodstock would consist of commercial space, condos and townhomes.

The Woodstock City Council will soon consider a rezoning for a mixed-use development on Arnold Mill Road, with a recommendation from the city’s planning commission.

Planning commissioners unanimously recommended a rezoning Thursday that would allow a developer to build a mixed-use development on Arnold Mill Road, including over 200 homes. The proposal has been called the Brownlee development, because some of the land once belonged to longtime Woodstock residents Jay and Lillie Mae Brownlee.

Developer Woodstock East is requesting for 20 parcels of land on Arnold Mill Road, Custer Street and Bentley Parkway be combined into one, 12.22 acre property and rezoned to build four mixed-use buildings, with 153 condominiums above office and retail space, two separate buildings with six condos each, and 66 townhomes.

Woodstock East is seeking a “downtown central business district” zoning for the property, which is currently downtown residential and office.

Planning commissioners recommended the rezoning with the following conditions from city staff: requiring the applicant to make what the city calls a “good faith effort” to move the overhead utilities on Arnold Mill Road underground along the property’s frontage, installing a future street connection in the southwest corner of the property and requiring a living wall (a wall with plant growth attached to it) for any retaining wall on Arnold Mill Road over four feet tall. One more condition was added by Planning Commissioner Renee Gable: rental units would be limited to up to 10% of the development.

During the public hearing, 16 people spoke on the case, most supporting the measure. Many of those supporting the development said this would increase the area’s walkability, as those living in the development wanting to visit other downtown locations would likely be walking and not driving to their destinations. At the same time, residents both for and against the rezoning said they had concerns about the amount of traffic normally seen on Arnold Mill Road.

Attorney Parks Huff, representing Woodstock East, argued the site would not remain low-density residential forever and believed this would be a good step up for the city. Huff also pointed out that some aspects of the property, such as a pedestrian plaza leading into the development from Arnold Mill Road, brought to fruition some of the plans the city wants to see in the area.

“This is a large, long section of Arnold Mill Road that we’re going to be creating the streetscape that is in your plan to do for this whole section of Arnold Mill Road,” Huff said.

The Woodstock City Council is scheduled to vote on the rezoning 7 p.m. Aug. 23 at the Chambers at City Center, 8534 Main St. Meetings are also live streamed at https://www.woodstockga.gov.


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