A Woodstock man is in the Cobb County jail accused of slapping and dropping a 3-month-old baby, who was later found to have five bone fractures, a bruised head and a hemorrhaging eye.

Evan Hunter Clark, 22, was arrested by Marietta police last Wednesday on three felony counts of cruelty to children in the second degree.

Clark, who remains in custody on a $75,000 bond, was apprehended after taking the baby to the doctor, his arrest warrant states.

Police claim Clark took the baby to a doctor on May 22 because the infant had a contusion on the back of its neck and a hemorrhaging eye.

Clark told the doctor the injuries must have been from the baby hitting its bottle while in the crib, police say.

But on July 2, when the baby was five months old, it was taken to a doctor in Oakland, California by its mother, and extensive X-rays revealed five healing fractures on the baby’s right arm and leg as well as a right side rib.

“Clark admitted that the day before the May doctor’s visit, he had the baby on his shoulders when it accidentally fell onto its right side, cried extensively for at least thirty minutes and could not be comforted,” the warrant states. “Clark did not disclose this information at the time …leading to an incomplete examination.”

When it was explained to Clark that rib fractures typically come from compression and not a fall, he also admitted to massaging and squeezing the baby’s torso in late April or early May when he was trying to help the baby digest food, police say.

“Clark stated this may explain the healing rib fracture,” the warrant states.

Police also claim Clark admitted “smacking” the baby while in a car parked in a Marietta Kroger parking lot June 1.

The strike caused the baby to bleed from both nostrils and left a contusion on the baby’s left eye, officers claim.

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