A Woodstock detective stopped a man for driving erratically when he learned the man had just threatened another driver with a shotgun, according to police and court records.

Jacob Fendt, 23, of Suwanee, was arrested last week with charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, driving under the influence, reckless driving, driving through a gore, disobedience to traffic signals and crossing a guard line with a weapon.

Friday evening, a detective responded to the intersection of Highway 92 and Trickum Road, where he saw a driver cross the safety gore, a striped section of road off-limits to motorists, and run a red light after briefly stopping, according to an arrest warrant.

The warrant says another officer arrived at the scene, and they were told by dispatch that someone in the vehicle with that license plate number had just reportedly pointed a shotgun at another driver. Police found a pistol version pump shotgun and an AR-style rifle, as well as two prescription bottles in Fendt’s vehicle, and a glass pipe associated with drugs in his pocket. An officer noted in the police report that Fendt had an “overwhelming” smell of alcohol.

Fendt was arrested and booked into the county jail, where after he crossed the guard line it was discovered he was still carrying a knife, according to court records. He was bonded out Sunday for $18,553.50 with conditions that he not violate any criminal laws and that he appear in court when required.

Two charges, the DUI and crossing guard line charges, were rescinded and later refiled, in a second arrest warrant that said police searched the car Monday and found suspected marijuana in the pipe. There was also a report of another officer confirming the knife had been brought into the jail. Why the two charges were dismissed was not in the warrant, and the department isn’t sure what happened, said Woodstock Assistant Police Chief Kevin Culpepper.

Fendt turned himself in Tuesday, was booked and bonded out again for $6,881. He faces an additional pending charge of misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Culpepper said.

Shannon is a reporter covering education, city governments, crime, features, religion and other local news. She is a graduate of Young Harris College and currently lives in unincorporated Woodstock.

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