Recent upgrades to the county animal shelter have been completed, moving offices around to provide more space to improve the level of care the shelter can offer animals.

Shelter director Susan Garcia recently told county commissioners in an update that one of the larger rooms that was being used as an administrative office has been converted into a surgery room, while the former surgery space became an administrative office.

The new surgery room was large enough to also accommodate a medical tech suite, allowing the former medical tech area to be transformed into an isolation room where sick animals can be kept apart from others at the shelter, so as not to spread any disease.

“This is our first month of having surgeries in the new room,” Garcia said. “This makes everything more streamlined.”

The former surgery room at the shelter was approximately 178 square feet, while the administrative office that was converted into a surgery and medical tech facility measured 416 square feet.

Along with having more space to accommodate spay and neuter operations, as well as dental procedures, Garcia said the shelter added stainless steel cabinets and counters for the surgery and medical tech room. Having steel cabinets and countertops makes it easier to keep the room sanitized, while making it easier to store and secure medicines. Garcia said the shelter purchased the cabinets and countertops from a company in Ball Ground.

Other upgrades include new overhead lights for the surgical tables, new tile floors in the surgery and medical tech room, new doors in the medical tech space all giving the rooms a nicer, cleaner appearance.

Garcia said the money for the improvements was donated by local residents. One person gave a large enough donation to purchase new dental equipment. Other donations ranged from $5 dropped in the donation jar at the front desk to $2,000.

“We were thrilled to be able to do this, and also do this without having to use taxpayer dollars,” Garcia said.

During her presentation to the board of commissioners, Garcia thanked the county’s property management staff.

“People have told us how nice it is here,” Garcia said, adding how everything the shelter does is done for the animals it has, all of whom simply want a home and a loving family to call their own.

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