William D. Hughes

Education: MS in Bioengineering from Georgia Tech

Residence: Canton

Party affiliation: Democratic Party

Occupation: Control systems engineer

Why are you the best person for the job?:

I am committed to lifting the voices of my neighbors in District 21 above those of any party or special interest. I will champion the best solution to each of the challenges facing our community, regardless of who proposes it.

Relevant experience:

I have 20 years of experience being presented with complex systems that need fixing, updating, or replacing. I listen to everyone’s proposed solutions and present my own. I work with the team to determine which is the best, and we adopt that solution. My focus is on solutions, not on my pride or praise from others.

What are some specific things you would like to accomplish if elected?:

I answered this question in mid-March when Georgia was working hard along with all U.S. states and the world to stop the novel coronavirus. My neighbors were united to “flatten the curve” and protect each other from its unpredictable effects. In late April, Gov Kemp ended the wildly effective methods in place and COVID-19 began spreading like wildfire. I still believe in strengthening our public health system, but we deserve to know why the Governor and others put my neighbors and all Georgians in danger against the advice of health experts, the CDC, and the federal government. What took priority over the health and safety of the people of Georgia, and why? I’ll work with my colleagues in the General Assembly to uncover the truth and let my neighbors in HD-21 and all Georgians know what was important enough to let the coronavirus rampage through the state.

Brad Thomas

Education: Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering Technology

Residence: Woodstock

Party affiliation: Republican

Occupation: Principal Engineer / Owner and Partner in Local Engineering Firm

Why are you the best person for the job?:

We need someone who is a fighter for families, veterans, seniors and neighbors. I am proud to have served in the Navy and have demonstrated my willingness to fight for our country. I have also been a voice for citizens in my area regarding local issues. I believe in principle and will always fight for what’s right. The best way to govern is by electing experts in various fields to work together and write policy. Currently, we don’t have a single engineer in our legislature. My profession is known for problem solving and analytical skills and we need more of that in government. I look forward to bringing those skills to policy making. My ambition allowed me to put myself through college, obtain my engineering license and eventually become a small business owner and leader. I look forward to putting my drive and business savvy to work for our district.

Relevant experience:

This is the first time I have run for office, so I don’t have a political resume. After seeing politicians at work, it’s become obvious to me, we need more leaders in office who understand what it takes to lead a successful business, not experience in growing government. Unlike the government, businesses must survive in a free market economy. Survival requires leaders with vision, adaptability and perseverance. I have all those qualities combined with an engineering background providing me with over 20 years of problem solving and analytical experience.

What are some specific things you would like to accomplish if elected?:

I want to protect Traditional American values such as free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom and the rule of law; the basic building blocks of our Nation is why our country is the greatest on Earth. We have all seen the destruction and violence on TV in Democrat run cities such as Portland. The aim of the radical left is to fundamentally transform America starting with our institutions such as the police. Once elected I will stand to preserve our conservative principles such as the rule of law to make sure we live in a safe community in which all of us can live our best lives. Also, help with responsible growth and quality of life issues!

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