The Chattahoochee Technical College Drafting Technology program is serving as a springboard to success for students of all ages.

Chattahoochee Tech student Tammy Perry, who graduated from high school in the 1980s, and Dual Enrollment student Janelle Reece, who will graduate from high school in May 2022, have gained essential workforce skills through the college’s Drafting Technology program. They have learned industry-standard design and drafting software, and they have become skilled in preparing 2D technical drawings and 3D modeling. These skills have already led Perry to employment in this field within the local workforce.

Perry completed a diploma in Drafting Technology at Chattahoochee Tech and is currently working toward an associate degree in the college’s Interior Design program. For most of the fall semester, she worked as a tutor in the college’s drafting lab. Thanks to the Computer Aided Design skills she gained at Chattahoochee Tech, she recently landed a job as a CAD Designer with Design Environments Inc. in Marietta.

A typical day on the job for Perry will include working with state-of-the art CAD systems to do things like space planning, furniture plans, lighting design plans, and reflected ceiling plans. Design Environments Inc. is a nationally renowned interior design firm specializing in the interior architecture and merchandising of model homes, clubhouses, and amenity/sales facilities throughout the U.S.

Chattahoochee Tech Dual Enrollment student Janelle Reece currently is working toward her associate degree in the college’s Drafting Technology program. She plans to complete the associate degree this spring when she also graduates from high school. She began her Dual Enrollment college studies as a home-schooled high school student when she was in the 10th grade. Before she enrolled at Chattahoochee Tech, she researched what programs the college has to offer. Her father happens to serve as the lead instructor for the Drafting Technology program at Chattahoochee Tech.

After graduation from both Chattahoochee Tech and from high school this spring, Reece plans to participate in a six-month missionary project before entering the workforce to put her CAD skills to work.

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