A man gave a 23-year-old Marietta woman his number thinking she wanted to hang out, but she gave it to another man being held at the Cobb County Adult Detention Center who used jail phone calls to send three armed men to rob him, according to arrest warrants.

The Marietta woman is Aleeah Alexander and the incarcerated man is Guy Neal of Marietta.

Police say Alexander obtained the victim’s number and passed it on to Neal, who is awaiting trial on charges of driving a stolen vehicle and fleeing from police, according to court documents.

Investigators say jail phone records show Neal worked with three unidentified males to orchestrate a robbery.

“There are multiple phone calls between Guy and Aleeah and Guy and the three males laying out plans for the robbery that culminate with Aleeah getting (the victim’s) number and providing it to the three males so they could pose as Aleeah to lure him to Powder Springs,” Neal’s arrest warrant reads.

Police said Neal told the men to beat and strip the victim.

“Ya’ll kill him for the whip if you have to, he’s gonna come alone,” he told the men, according to the warrant.

Whip is slang for car.

On Aug. 25, the victim was lured to a Powder Springs home and robbed, police said.

After the robbery, authorities say Guy directed Alexander to delete the texting app she had used from her phone along with any records of calls. He told her to use a different app to get a new local number and give it to his mother, who would pass it along to him. Police say Alexander complied.

Police say Alexander told Powder Springs police after being read her Miranda rights that she did not know the victim had been robbed, he did not have her number and she only spoke to him to tell him she had a boyfriend.

“Recorded phone calls from the Cobb County Adult Detention Center prove this to be false, as said accused is recorded telling Guy Neal that she obtained (the victim’s) phone number to provide to three unknown males to set (him) up,” the arrest warrant reads.

Alexander faces felony counts of armed robbery, conspiracy and making false statements as well as a misdemeanor charge of tampering with evidence. She was released on $20,000 bond.

Neal remains in jail without bond and faces new charges of armed robbery, conspiracy and tampering with evidence.

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