Embry Development company 'townhomes'

Embry Development Company is proposing to build 49 townhomes on about 10 acres near Summerlin Lake.

The Cobb County Planning Commission will hear Tuesday from a mix of developers proposing building a total of 121 additional townhome units across the county, some of which have been modified after commissioner and community feedback.

Since its appearance before planning commissioners in November, Embry Development Company has further reduced the number of units it plans to build on about 10 acres on Cooper Lake Road near Summerlin Lake.

Embry initially proposed building 62 attached, 1,800 square-foot townhomes, but reduced the number to 51 after feedback from the community and county staff, which found the development to be too dense. It also increased the minimum square-footage to 2,000.

Since coming before planning commissioners in November, the project was further reduced. According to county documents, it incorporated feedback from District 4 Commissioner Galt Porter and cut that figure, bringing the total to 49 units.

Another development in north Cobb has been scaled back more dramatically.

In a letter to the commissioners, Smith Douglas Homes said it would reduce the number of units it would like to build on Canton Road, about a mile south of Noonday Creek Park, from 61 to 39.

In its initial analysis, county staff said they were concerned that approval of the project would “encourage more intense developments where they are not anticipated or planned.”

Other townhome developments are scheduled to be heard by the commission, including one that would build 33 townhomes on about 4 acres at the intersection of Sandtown and Austell roads, just west of Dobbins Air Reserve Base. Another would create a 20-house subdivision on about 5 acres in Mableton. County staff recommended approval of each.

Commissioners will also consider a three-story hotel in Kennesaw with 118 rooms.

“The hotel is designed for the traveler,” the application reads, “at a lower rate than the Marriott and Hilton Inn hotels, without the swimming pool and large meeting rooms.”

The Planning Commission is a body that is only able to make recommendations — it cannot itself deny an application. But its recommendation is one of the key things the county’s governing body, the Board of Commissioners, will consider when they decide the project’s fate later in the month.

The commission will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday in the board room of the county building at 100 Cherokee St., Marietta.

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