Iara Faria, a graphic design student at Savannah College of Art and Design, received NASDAQ’s top honor in the “Relentless Possibilities” competition. The Kennesaw resident’s winning black-and-white work, “Creativity is Infinite,” will be permanently displayed in Nasdaq’s brand new 10th floor space in New York City.

“‘Relentless Possibilities’ is a broad topic,” said Faria, on her winning design. “I looked at SCAD for inspiration, and realized I wanted to do something in black and white to show the endless flow of connections and endless possibilities.”

“The work I entered was a black and white digital illustration that portrays a network of flowing lines. The only contrasting elements are the words ‘relentless possibilities’ that are formed by negative space in the lines,” said Faria, who was born in Brazil but has been in Georgia for 15 years, with the last few being in Kennesaw. She graduated from North Cobb High School in 2016.

Through her work, Faria illustrates infinite creativity. “When I first thought of the theme of ‘relentless possibilities,’ it felt as though, because it encompasses just about anything and everything, I had to show that through all the colors or all the elements I possibly could. When I started working with this style, I thought of adding colors as almost a marble effect. After laying it down in black and white, I realized that the message was already being communicated. Now there’s room to do whatever you want, whether through the addition of colors or even designs and images. It’s almost as if you’re presented with a coloring book, and the possibilities are endless,” Faria said.

Faria, who will receive a B.F.A in graphic design in 2020, credits SCAD for helping her pursue her artistic aspirations.

“SCAD has helped me pursue my creative goals in every way,” she said. “The main way has been by simply making opportunities available to students. My goals always involve pushing myself creatively and in all aspects of my life. At SCAD, through signature events, such as SCAD aTVFest (an annual international festival celebrating design, innovation and creativity in television and media), I’m able to meet incredible working professionals. Working with talented peers and professors, I find myself constantly motivated to work harder and better. SCAD has been like a second home to me, which has helped me tremendously in finding myself as an artist and as an individual.”

Through the process of the national competition, Faria also learned the importance of striving. “One thing that I’d like to add is a small piece of advice, and that is to simply try. I had absolutely no idea I would experience all of this, but I told myself over and over that I had to take advantage of the opportunity while it was available to me. I’m happy that I listened to myself,” Faria said.

Faria seized an opportunity that paid off. “In all honesty, it took a while for me to really understand just how big of an honor it was to win,” she said. “At this moment in time, I feel like I still have so much I want to accomplish. With all that being said, when I saw the piece along with my name on the NASDAQ tower in Times Square, it was an incredibly surreal feeling. I feel grateful to have won.”

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